Hello my lovely readers :: This month marks 4 years officially living in LA. Four years ago I packed up all my things in NYC with no plan and no "opportunities" waiting for me anywhere and headed to LA with the help of my family. After a few months of looking for a full-time job in the music industry (I studied music business at NYU and thought I shouldn't waste my degree)..I kept coming up empty handed. From that point on I decided to be a person that created my own opportunities and opened my own doors. I fell into working with Movement Lifestyle and working professionally as a dancer in LA. Though, admittedly, I was in need of a lot of development still yet kept pushing along. When people say  to not compare our journeys in this industry because we each have such unique/specific ones--it is beyond true. Someone once told me a few years ago that they thought I should be much "better" of a dancer than I was at the time because of all the classes I was taking. This came from someone I held to high esteem and automatically thought (without question) that that person was right. So much doubt crept in because I was constantly questioning why I wasn't better...why I wasn't shining more to others. It wasn't until I got older, matured more..that I realilzed it wasn't about me being "better". It was simply about knowing myself more. Knowing yourself more is the reason why all of our journeys are so different and cannot possibly be compared to others. There is no standard, no norm in this industry. So perhaps it took me longer than others to get to this point..but I've been learning to #trustthejourney. I wouldn't be who I am today--someone filled with so much joy and happiness--had I not taken the path I've been on. I have the most confidence and security in my identity than ever before. Because I know myself so much more, my voice has become stronger. Thus, I am also learning to be more unapologetic for my voice. This is me. This is who I am. And I am happy with the person I am. While of course I have so much more growing to do...there is nothing about my past I would change because it has made me who I am today. With all this being said, here is my latest piece of imagination which I hope you enjoy. I believe it is my strongest voice to date.     While my path has lead me towards new ventures--dance will always be a huge part of my life and my heart. It will always be a part of my identity. Dance has introduced me to so many people and opportunities as well as provided me with so much healing in my life. I will always be thankful for this gift. -sukie<3