It is officially my birthday's also roughly the 1 year anniversary of my SUKIESTYLES blog! My hope was to give my blog a bit of a 1 year celebration re-design but it's been a busy personal rebuilding year for myself! Soon enough..soon enough ūüôā In the mean time, for my¬†birthday I wanted to treat you all to a new artist I learned about a couple weeks ago! When I learn about¬†exciting new artists sometimes I want to keep them like a secret for a sacred discovery before they become popular to the public eye. But then again, sometimes, they're just too good to keep to myself and I just want the world to know about them! So here I introduce to you UK producer/singer/songwriter JACK GARRATT¬†:: an eclectic¬†mix of vocal/production styles. If you are a fan of Hozier or James Blake ... imagine the two smashed into each other and spontaneously combusted to create a beautiful diverse music baby with a sprinkle of Bon Iver chills, a dash of funk, and some sweet soul sauce. Does that even make sense?! Haha...listen to Jack and it will. I have not been this excited about a new artist since Banks started coming onto people's radars. Sometimes artists struggle to find a balance when they've been influenced by so many styles but Jack Garratt finds¬†a perfectly haunting blend for any¬†musical pallet. And if his melodies and production aren't good enough already...add to that some incredible lyrics and you'll find yourself wanting more because 4 songs on his EP just isn't enough ūüėČ Check out the link¬†HERE¬†to stream his 4 song EP "Remnants" in full. If you like what you hear, which I guarantee, please support this artist and purchase his EP on iTunes! And just because who doesn't love an acoustic ballad?