I'm so honored to be featured on this week's podcast episode with Matt Pana for his channel #LIKEWISE where he talks with likeminded artists hustling on their own through this entertainment journey. "LIKEWISE: Episode 52 - Amanda Suk Matt and Amanda crossed paths in past lives, mainly through the east coast dance community. You can now catch her acting and dancing in Los Angeles. Tune in to their conversation on this special extended edition, as they cover the music business, silver screen dreams, and being a queen of all trades. Now on iTunes and Stitcher Radio! "   It was a great time getting to reminisce on everything that has pretty much lead me to where I am today. Also super cool that he included some sounds from one of my favorite indie bands COMPANY OF THIEVES. It is a bit of a lengthy episode but I do hope you enjoy getting to learn a little more about me 🙂   -sukie.