You did not hear it here first...this kid has already been on people's radar for a while now but I had the pleasure of hearing his debut album at a listening party in LA last week at an intimate art gallery called Subliminal Projects (thanks to cool friends like Ian Eastwood and Megan Batoon for the invite!) The event itself was a great marriage of sight and sound as we walked around with Beats headphones viewing the specially curated pieces. I was immediately intrigued at the juxtaposition of what I was listening to vs. the skinny, gentle souled teenager in front of me. I was impressed by all the different walks of life gathered in this gallery to enjoy and celebrate the same artist, the same sound that was connecting us all in that moment of time.   It has been a minute since I've been so excited about a new music artist and here we are with a 19 year old-old soul from Georgia who binds a beautiful balance between soul, hip hop, and folk. When I heard his music and found out about his age I was caught with curiosity about what he must have already experienced in his life to be able to produce such a mature debut album! His album is an album that can easily be listened to all the way through without skipping and then repeating. I was imagining myself everywhere from walking down streets with blue skies to cuddled under blankets next to candles and coffee. The album took me everywhere from deep thought to a simple head bounce and toe tap. This album [titled ALL WE NEED] can take you there's available for pre-order now and officially releases Friday, October 16.

all smiles here

a little bit of work

the man of the hour

In the mean time .. enjoy Devil's Whipser--the first single he made available off his album. I have other favorites on the album that aren't available before the album release but the potential and range this artist carries is more than evident in this track.     -sukie<3.