1 Broke Girl Watching 2 Broke Girls Live

If you live in the LA area or are ever visiting the LA area, one of the cool things you can do for free is be a part of a live audience for any of the shows that film as a live taping! [You can check out a schedule/list of all the shows you can get tickets for HERE.] I recently went to a live taping of 2 Broke Girls, for the second time, over at the WB lot. The first time I went solo as a means to do some research on what shooting multi-cam comedies are like. It was a fun experience, even by myself, to witness the camraderie of the actors on set. The taping went by fairly quickly--it is only a half hour comedy afterall. However, this second time I went to the taping was to support my buddy LAWRENCE KAO who had a co-star role in this episode titled "No New Friends" (which should air roughly 5 weeks from now). And, this second time I got to go with 2 friends, Ellen Kim and Khalif Boyd, as VIP guests courtesy of Lawrence! This time around the taping went on quite a bit longer so we were getting a bit antsy but it was nice to share a lot of laughter with fun friends. After the taping was over, Lawrence was able to bring us down to walk around on the set!
L to R :: Khalif, Lawrence, Ellen, Myself

L to R :: Khalif, Lawrence, Ellen, Myself

It was so cool for us to get to see our friend at work--imagine getting to call this your office for the week! All of us are pursuing careers in the entertainment industry so seeing Lawrence do his thing on such a big set was definitely motivational to say the least. I can be self-depricating and joking about being broke all the time, but at the end of the day I know this journey is real and worth it. Friends like Lawrence remind me that the struggle/hustle/journey--however you want to call it--always pays off, without fail, for good people who work hard and practice patience. I am so incredibly proud of him and happy to have been a part of this moment! Lastly, I of course have to note that this day (11.3.15) was my personal official first day of fall where I could FINALLY start to layer and bundle up here in LA! That's right folks, the temperatures are starting to drop which means the clothes will start to pile on!
Scarf-Zara | Quilted long sleeve-Red 23 c/o Wasteland | Drawstring slacks-Zara c/o Wasteland | Creepers-TUK c/o Wasteland

Scarf-Zara | Faux leather vest-Forever 21 | Quilted long sleeve-Red 23 c/o Wasteland | Drawstring slacks-Zara c/o Wasteland | Creepers-TUK c/o Wasteland

Mark my words, I will be working on one of these sets one day soon. Very soon! And I will make you LAUGH!! 🙂 -sukie<3. p.s. Gotta shout out Roger Lundblade, the best audience warm-up comedian in the game! Thank you for the free 2 Broke Girls Tee Shirt!

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