Exciting Eats + New Meets! Meet Grace! One half of CHEW & Co. and the brightest ball of energy to be around! This was our first time meeting in person--we found out about each other through a mutual friend and after some time finally got to link up and share creative goals and ideas with each other! It's so nice to chat with other creatives in the same boat as you..the shared language+drive always makes for a good reboost if you ever feel yourself slowing down.

Vibrant grace

Minimalist grace

*CHEW & Co. (@chewandco) is made up of Chew+Grace -- boyfriend/girlfriend team of photographer+stylist/creative director based out of LA! I love the colors they capture in their work. Check out their site to see more and feel free to contact them for any of your shoot needs 🙂 So where do you take a new friend to meet up for lunch? I could've opted for any one of my go to's but I figured..new friend..why not a new spot neither of us have tried yet? Now by no means is Night + Market SONG new -- they're quite popular and have received so much great press already. So when googling "best lunch in LA" (yes, that's how I find new spots to eat) it wasn't hard to come upon this quirky joint. I'm a little disappointed in myself for not knowing about this place sooner as it is DELICIOUS. It's not your typical Thai restaurant. Yes they have the normal crowd faves pad thai + pad see ew, but they do Thai in a way that reminded me of being back in the rural parts of the city and eating authentic street food.   I loved everything we shared (from food to conversation)--I will say the Thai boxing chicken brought me back to my memories of Thailand the most. I would definitely order that again. A return trip is necessary either way since there is so much more of the menu left I must taste--especially the "world famous fried chicken sandwich" since they were out of it when we were there! If you are in the LA area this is a great spot to try!   -sukie<3.