Stop and smell the roses...or obviously in this case, THE COFFEE! This week's highlight is RED WINDOW COFFEE in Studio City. A charming, unassuming brick kiosk on Ventura Blvd that one might pay no attention to unless one had intent on stopping here. Well, this spot has become one of my favorite go to spots for delicious coffee in the valley so I hope that is enough intent for ya!   On my first visit I ordered a flat white as that's what I read their specialty was on Yelp--the reviews were right and it was delicious! My normal go to drink is an almond milk latte bc I love the taste of almond milk. However, in a (well-made) flat white the taste of espresso comes through more than in a milky latte...well, in my opinion.  A lot of people might not be able to taste much difference between coffee drinks with milk added (i.e. cappuccino, latte, flat white, etc.) They differential key is the MILK and how it is steamed and poured into your espresso. It all gets a bit technical between bubbles but if you are really interested, this diagram explains the differences quite well :: What is a flat white? All this being said, the differential key for me at Red Window Coffee is not only the coffee (always served at perfect temperatures) but the warm customer service. Because of its size it becomes wonderfully personal when you get your drink. The baristas seem well trained serving up drinks with Four Barrel beans. The co-owner Dan, is this cool Aussie music producer so if you ever happen to catch him there have a chat with him! A lot of reviews seemed to have problems with finding parking but I haven't run into that issue yet. And though Red Window might be a tiny kiosk that looks like a grab and go spot, if the weather is kind there are a few sidewalk tables to sit down and enjoy your drink. Oh, and don't forget to ask for your coffee "Aussie-style" for a bittersweet chocolate twist if you so desire 🙂   Enjoy! -sukie<3.