As my conviction for coffee grows, I've set out on a mission to find my favorite cafes. For this week's post I introduce to you Eightfold--a new addition to the Echo Park area in LA brewing Heart coffee beans. The minimalist interior makes for a beautiful and Instagramable (yes, this is probably going to be a word in Webster's dictionary soon) space though perhaps not the coziest.   I love the exposed white brick and marble countertops. There is a single communal table for those trying to get some work done but its not the roomiest space to do so, so I'd probably stick to coming here for a cute catch up with a friend as opposed to studying or having a meeting over coffee. Ah yes, the coffee. The coffee is nice though it seemed as if the baristas were still getting into the flow of things as Eightfold has barely officially opened. I visited on a rainy, overcast day in LA so I opted for an almond milk cappuccino to warm me up as opposed to my usual almond milk iced latte. It was a little on the sweet side for my taste and the temp wasn't quite right but I do want to come back in the near future to see how things are developing with the new spot! Eightfold has much potential to be a wonderful break from the busier sides of Sunset with powerhouse Intelligentsia and super trendy Alfred coffee not too far away. I'd currently give it a 3.5 stars out of 5 but I expect to up it by my next visit 🙂   -sukie.<3