Let some soul flow into your ears!

If Prince called an artist up that he somehow found on YouTube and flew said artist out to Minnesota to collaborate on a track with him...you'd imagine said artist must be pretty incredible right? Exactly. Meet Eryn Allen Kane ~ beautifully soulful, refreshingly good. I got tuned in to her courtesy of my in the know, dancing friend Ian Eastwood. He has a knack for finding and supporting Chicago talent which is where Kane currently resides, though she hails from Detroit. I'm thrilled to be listening to her now, at a time where my soul was needing some watering. She just gets it...she knows how to tap in to your thoughts to want to get your mind paying attention to her lyrically. She knows how to reach into your ears to get your senses chasing her melodies. Check out the song that caught Prince's attention below ::   Essence had a great interview with Kane which you can read here in case you want to find out  more about her. She doesn't have a ton of tracks floating around the web but she has a 4-song EP on SoundCloudI can't get enough of her track Have Mercy but her song Bass Song is a close second. Let your ears enjoy! -sukie<3. UPDATE 2/2/14 :: Check out Eryn Allen Kane's newest EP just premiered on Soundcloud AVIARY: ACT II via Nylon. I think Now and Then is my early track fave on this EP--the slow jam really lets her vocals shine here.  

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  1. The music is great. The Video was a bit too avant-garde for me, but the music….
    Thanks for the tip!

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