Definition (n): When you have friends who are bad ass photographers ~ I wanted to take this week to feature my talented + dear friend Kelly MasumiyaShe captures such a magical perspective of the world not only through her lens but also with her dreamy edits.  As spectacular as she is with landscapes, she is just as soulful when she captures people. I admire her ability to bring a person's essence to surface with the click of a camera. Because Kelly knows me so well, I'm always excited when she takes my pictures because she often sees me better than I see myself. To be completely honest, I still struggle with a lot of insecurities even as an adult. And to be real, I'm sure I'm one of many who do. I think it's pretty common that we discolor ourselves with lies because we are our own worst critics. But good friends have the uncanny ability to help open your eyes to the best of you. Of all the photos of myself from the past 29 years of my life, Kelly's are some of my favorites because I'm able to see myself in a truer light. Her work encourages me to smile, dream, and love myself and to love life. Oh, the perks of having a friend who is a bad ass photographer. Cheers to friendtographers!   Check out more of her work here on her Instagram -sukie<3.