Leftover Love

You know how sometimes you don't do laundry for weeks and you go to your closet realizing you have NOTHING to wear. All of your usual go-to pieces are in your laundry basket and you wish you had money to shop to buy something new but you don't. All you can do at that point is figure something out with whatever is left over in your closet. Well those left over pieces need some love too... So this post is dedicated to my "leftover" pieces that don't get to see the light of day very often (excluding this black hat that I have been wearing a little too much lately). When my friend Weronika asked if I wanted to shoot anything I was originally stressing out because I haven't been able to afford shopping in quite some time. When I whipped this outfit up I took a look and said, "Hey. I'm not mad at this!" So here we are with my "Leftover Love" outfit :: All of these pieces were bought in the past thrifting or given as hand me downs (even the black socks that I took from my dad haha!) The only new purchase in this set is the black hat that I bought in the bay at Berkley Hat Company for a solid $35...not bad for the hat quality! [Disclaimer: My friend Jason first got this hat and I told him I was going to copy him. He kindly let me know where to get the hat.] If there is anything I can suggest as a DIY option whenever you might get sick of your clothes but have no money to shop...try cutting any loose fitted tees with this center slit! It gives you options to wear it open or tied in a knot 🙂 When you're feelin' good...do a little dance! Special thanks to Weronika for taking all these photos and for the sweet edits. Enjoy! -sukie<3.

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  1. Kiara Zubrecka

    I’m so happy you got to meet Weronika. She seems like a such a good soul. Great post hun xx

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