If you guys have been following my blog for a minute you might remember a couple of years ago when I wrote about one of my favorite artists JACK GARRATTWell, check it out! He released his debut full length album a couple weeks ago and it's wonderfully majestic. I've been listening to it on repeat since it's release and wanted to share my favorite track with you all :: This particular song really resonates with me because it's the mentality with which I'm trying to approach 2016. It's my current anthem so to speak. If there's anything I can encourage others it is to NEVER DOUBT YOURSELF. Fear is one of our greatest hinderances from learning something new. Imagine the world you could create for yourself if you dared to allow more moments of bravery  in your life. Surprise yourself!

[Verse 1] Speak and open up your mind It's something you should do all the time Keep exploring, seek and find You know you might surprise yourself Talk without a taint or hold The doubts that should embrace your heart The calm and chaos of your soul You know you might surprise yourself

[Verse 2] Take a pen and write this down Draw something that can't be found And learn to walk again somehow You know you might surprise yourself [Verse 3] Love her if you only knew The times that train has fooled me too And tears me from a place I know It helps me to surprise myself You know you can surprise yourself So let go and surprise yourself

Thank you Jack. -Sukie<3.