In honor of yesterday's International Women's Day I wanted to give a nod to the women's power suit. What is a power suit you might ask? There's no clear definition but it came to heightened popularity during the 80's when more women were entering the corporate work place wanting to establish authority and confidence in an otherwise male dominated environment. Tailored jackets, shoulder pads,  and broad structure once played into the stereotypical power look but as work culture has shifted through the decades so have the stereotypes behind how an outfit can project authority.  With the rise of start-ups and more casual workplace environments, the defining thread to a modern day "power" fit (because these days it doesn't necessarily need to be a suit) seems to have become the literal fit.
"Alterations are a great way to make you look great. Because even if you're wearing something very casual, if it fits well, your posture is going to be better, you're going to stand taller, and you're just going to look more authoritative." -- Teri Agins (source: NPR)

Here's my personal take on a power look that I would be love to wear into a job...if I had a real job, haha. Often times I am asked if I have a power suit or office attire for auditions or shoots. My closet is so "hobo-random-chic" that trying to create such a look with what I have is quite the long shot. Luckily, I came up on this sweet vintage ivory suit jacket that belonged to a friend's grandmother and was recently gifted to me. I also got lucky on this vegan leather pencil skirt from a $10 sale bin this past week! I like that I can still make this "power suit" still me by pairing it with a  draped camisole but that softness doesn't change my confidence in the least. I love feeling comfortable in my clothes but love even more that I feel like I could kick ass in this look 😉


1. Vintage ivory suit jacket (gifted) 2. White camisole tank (Brandy Melville, similar) 3. Vegan leather pencil skirt (Growze) 4. Ankle boots (H&M, similar) 5. Vintage gold necklace (thrifted)


[Photos c/o my iPhone + Leo Lam]