Thank you to Diamond Supply Co. for the unexpected gift from their Quartz Capsule collection for Spring! The pieces are so unique and I was all too excited to try them on! As I got to thinking about what I could write for this week's blog post this gift from Diamond got me thinking about diamonds and I went on this thought train so hopefully you can follow my train of thought haha :: What makes a diamond special? 1. No two diamonds can ever be the same. 2. Diamonds are the hardest substance known to man: resilient and unable to deteriorate. 3. Diamonds are rare with enduring value. I think the qualities of diamonds parallel the mentality it takes to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. We fall too easily into the trap of comparison, whether you're in this industry or not. It's one of our biggest plights as human beings. So often this industry can make us forget why each one of us is special. We become jaded and insecure, handcuffed by self-created assumptions that hinder us from shining. How do we get ourselves to be in our own lane? Here are a few ideas (also, a note for myself to take)...Stop being so concerned with others out of hate/jealousy and be concerned for others out of kindness/love. Stop assuming we know the intentions behind the actions of others and start a conversation to avoid misunderstandings. The wind will blow to try to knock you off course, but change your perspective! See that gust of wind as a refreshing, cool breeze instead of an obstacle or attack. Let it be a new energy to keep you forging ahead on your own path. Resiliency! So if you're still with me here on my train of thought...that's pretty much the gist. We can get off now and I'll take you back to the outfit of the day with some closer detail shots for all those interested! So random...I know.

Custom pressed pattern for Diamond Women

Necklaces from Jami

Lovemade me do it
  Big shout out and love to JAMI for the sweet necklaces and LOVEMADE for my black cap that I wear nearly every day. -sukie<3.