I got a good ol' wake up call in a meeting recently (momentum wise) to be more active with my social media content. So that is my pledge to you all faithful Sukie Stars! I shall provide more embarrassing moments for us to all share together 🙂 I recently asked my Twitter followers to send me any questions they wanted me to answer in a new video and here is said video! Since I couldn't get to all the questions in one video I'll also be answering several more down below after the jump~ Do you play any sports?--@MIKAAAH_7 I played soccer for over 13 years of my life in a kids private league and then eventually in high school. I quit my senior year of high school to focus on dance. I also swam competitively as a kid and still love to swim now. What advice do you have to beginning dancers? --@EmMthekoolkid Take class and do your research! Don't just dance to impress. Dance because it feels good to you and never forget that feeling 🙂 What kinda music are you listening to right now? any choreographies under the belt?--@laurenhummfries I am currently in love with James Blake's new album The Colour in Anything which you can stream for free on Spotify. It's stunningly beautiful and therapeutic. I haven't choreographed anything in such a long time but I can imagine I'll be freestyling quite a bit to some of the tracks on this album! How do I find confidence?--@andrea_e_munoz I think this is a never ending journey. But, I think it starts with writing down the things you like about yourself and being thankful for those things. For example, I know that I am compassionate and empathetic towards others so I am confident in my kindness. There's also confidence in knowing there is only one of you--completely unique in DNA with something completely specific to give back to the world. Thank you all, always, for your energy and support. I appreciate you all for sticking by my side even when I'm quiet. You guys have no idea the strength it gives me! -Sukie<3.