My Coloring Book

Color is descriptive. Black and white is interpretive.” – Elliott Erwitt
Color tells us what to see. Black and white invite our memories and experiences to tell us what to see. It's interesting that black and white by word association often relates to an absolute truth. But there is not one absolute way others will see you or me. I've learned the hard way there will always be varying degrees of interpretations regardless of my attempts to be consistent as a person. And that is okay! Because I've also learned to not depend on the validation of others to tell me what colors I have to see. I prefer to live more life and gain more personal experiences to increase the number of crayons in my own crayon box. And then I'll color the pictures for myself. 😉
I have no idea if this analogy will make sense or resonate. But at the end of the day, it's all interpretive. -sukie<3. *Photography by Kelly Masumiya-Anzaldo*

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  1. Michelle

    Well I mean Amanda* lol

  2. Michelle

    You’re so pretty Sukie, the pics look amazing!

  3. Galen :)

    sooooo pretty!!!!! I love that you’re doing these shoots. Right on. Proud of you. And beautiful work from Kelly.

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