LET’S BE REAL :: Vlog #2

Some additional words to go along with this video... A sincere thank you to the fantastic few of you who watched the first Let's Be Real Vlog! That first one happened on a whim~and this one...this one is because some of ya'll requested and I figured, "Hey? Why not?" Things have been happening, not happening, and happening again. This life is, as they say (who's they?), a roller coaster. In less than 24 hours everything I was sharing in the first portion of the vlog got turned around. You just never know when it's gonna rain in this career path so all you can ever really do is stay prepared for when it does. It's not always rainbows and sunshine, but you also don't need to walk around with a cloud over your head whenever things seem gloomy. Definitely easier said than done. But the grass is greener where it's watered so do your part to give yourself the best chance possible for breakthrough to happen. Hope you guys enjoy this late night confessional.   -sukie<3.  

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  1. Sara Ojut

    I am so happy for about the job, auditions, and shoots. I feel like i am a tiny version of you. I am 14 yet i ask myself what I am doing in my life. I have this plans like i am going to move out to LA at 18 but the work that would have to go through to get that, I know it going to be. I guess just not knowing what going to happen scares me. i try to stay optimistic about things and not worry about it, but that all i tend too do. Seeing things go good for you help me think better and hopefully give me hope. Thanks Amanda.

  2. Michelle

    You are very encouraging, I’m a new fan of yours and Megan and I can honestly say I don’t tend to be a fan of many things or people not in a negative way but idk just not my personality but the both of you are inspiring in many ways. I kinda look up to both of you in different aspects and being 25 it may sound a little weird to say but anywaysss keep pressing forward i also believe in your breakthrough coming soon! thank you for being brave and open with this season of your life and I love your glasses :).

    • Amanda Suk

      Wow! Thank you so much for taking the time to watch and support. I totally feel you about the fan thing…so I don’t take your words lightly. Much appreciation to you xo

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