I often get asked what new music I am listening to these days or if I can share my playlist... Well look no further! Normally, I'll dedicate a single new artist for a blog post but this week I decided to share the songs I currently have on repeat! My tastes tend to be quite peculiar and a bit all over the place so do not be confused by the many directions this playlist might take you. It goes from extremely funky highs to extremely internal lows but at the core of it all is the depth of soul in each artist and track. The order in which I put the tracks is quite intentional as well...if I was a music supervisor for the soundtrack to the movie made about my life so far; this is the way I would curate said album. Most of these artists have been around (clearly, Gene Ammons is on here..haha) but I do need to make an honorable mention nod to Bishop Briggs. She's the newest artist on this playlist, and she is incredible. I'm excited to see how her career explodes on to the music scene in the near future. I'm just gonna go ahead and say, "I told you so" now because I'm that confident in her music. Your ears will be pleased. Also, did you know "skin orgasm" is a thing aka musical frisson? Apparently it is when a song gives you goosebumps. Learn something new everyday hey? This playlist is full of musical frisson moments 😉 -sukie<3.