You may or may not know by now, depending on when you started following this good ol' hodge podge of a blog site, that the main destination of my journey is the silver screen. I love to play on camera and tell imaginative stories. I love relating to people through different experiences. And while I love the medium and platform that is social media, my fascination is with the giant traditional silver screen and on that screen is where my dreams come to life. This week I wanted to share some small beginnings with you all. I had the privilege to be a part of two different short films for this year's YOMYOMF Interpretations 2.0 contest for Asian-American filmmakers. The format is simple--take 4 lines that is the same across the board for all participants: "Don't do that." "Of course." "I have my doubts." "What is it?" Craft your own interpretation of these lines for a story on camera in 3 minutes or less. Though the prize is for the filmmaker, it was such a fun experience getting to witness first hand as an actor in two separate stories how creativity can be stretched. Here are the two shorts I was able to be a part of-- I hope you enjoy! I can't wait for the day this gets to happen on a much larger scale but I will forever be grateful to be learning, hands-on, along the way 🙂 Written and directed by Jason Poon Written and directed by Christine Kwon Feel free to like, comment, share your thoughts! -sukie<3.