There’s not too much to read up on yet about SG Lewis (real name Sam Lewis)…yes, unassumingly another white boy DJ from the UK. But he has the heart of a soulful singer-songwriter with a dash of funk (I mean he collaborated with JP know he's bound to have some soul). If Gallant and Sampha had a musical baby raised by the likes of Disclosure for uncles…it would SG Lewis. Side note, he's signed to the same label as Disclosure (PMR). He's working on a full length album which doesn't have an official release date yet. But, in the mean time he's got two EP's out that you can vibe out to along with some other gems 🙂

His ability to layer and juxtapose his productions with the soulful and lyrical collaborations he works on is magical. His lacing of experience as a resident DJ and understanding of songwriting…I tell you this guy is something special. I can’t pick a favorite track yet because they each suit a different vibe so it’d depend on the day. But, “Holding Back” is getting the  most replays from me at the moment. It’s such a great top down, windows down, music blasting, just cruising at sunset kind of track. My musical wish: I would love to hear/see him collaborate with Jack Garratt. I think that’s fated to be out of this world and I’m more than happy for them to take me there. 

Check out his tracks on Soundcloud here (and then keep an eye out for his full length album!) ::

And felt like freestyling a bit to Yours -- experimenting with some flows confined in a hallway space if you'd like to watch ::

Enjoy! -sukie<3.