Once upon a time, keeping this blog consistent with weekly posts was far easier than in recent months. But the hustle calls because a girl has got to survive. And this girl does not want to get stuck with simply surviving. I got dreams that are meant to be realized and it's not gonna happen on its own. screen-shot-2016-11-22-at-10-57-52-pm All these jobs, these odds and ends jobs, have a purpose beyond survival. Everything I'm working hard at now is laying the groundwork to my character, my work ethic, my wisdom for the future. Processed with VSCO with b3 preset These are things I have to keep telling myself so that I don't get exhausted or lose sight of what all this hustling is about. My dream is to be a part of the change in how we see color on screen. I want to change expectations. I want to change stereotypes. I want to change the limits we unconsciously trap ourselves with. Good enough is not good enough. Call me a hopeless believer 😉 I'm not just working hard for me. I'm working hard for all of us. I'm working hard to push boundaries farther so that we can make room for more dreams.
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*All photography in this post shot+edited by Kelly Masumiya-Anzaldo*