...owned any piece of clothing in an animal print. Okay, that might be a slight lie. But the last time I owned anything in animal print was in 7th grade when my Buffy obsession was at an all-time high and I owned a pair of red cheetah print flare pants from Limited Too. Don't you dare judge me! But I must share another secret with you! Thanks to my friend Josh Chang, co-creator of KERNL, I was introduced to VIRGO which may have become one of my top 3 stores to shop at in LA! It's a cool, kitschy place with a mix of new lines and older vintage pieces. My heart went into a flutter getting to play dress up and surprisingly enough ~ I was feelin' this leopard print coat! I was vibing like I was Cookie from Empire 😉 Once the jacket comes off...it's back to my awkward self. You can shop for this leopard print coat on Kernl HERE! Or, check out the vintage fringe top on Kernl HERE! Happy shopping! Oh wait...just kidding...I meant Happy Holidays! Hehe..   -sukie<3.