28 Day Fitness Challenge

Many of you have been asking what the 28 Day Fitness Challenge is that Megan and I have been doing. Firstly, this is by no means a sponsored post but I will be sharing the reasons why I enjoy this plan. If you do decide to try this out I will say that it definitely helps to have a roommate or friend to do this with for the work out accountability and shared grocery costs to avoid food waste. 😉 Secondly, I've mentioned before but I have really enjoyed working on my fitness goals as, unlike many other things, the outcome is fully dependent on me and no one else.
Through this 28 Day Fitness Challenge I have officially lost 11 pounds all by healthy/guided eating choices and consistent work out sessions! This is the main reason I am a fan of this plan. While the meals and workouts are very specific, you are never starving yourself! The first week is spent detoxing, not via crazy juicing, but by eliminating sugars and processed foods amongst other things in what we don't think about when we eat. More food groups are introduced into the meals as the weeks go on after the detox phase so that we have a better idea of how our bodies respond to certain foods (i.e. If dairy, rye, wheat, and/or red meat is making us sluggish, bloated, gassy, etc.) More so than pounds, I've also wanted to re-shape and tone up my body. Over the course of 4 weeks I have lost 3 inches in my waist as well! The workouts are all under 30 minutes except for 1-3x a week adding Low Intensity Steady State for 45 minutes.. so most days I can knock out my time in the gym before getting ready for my work day! I understand food portions much better now. I know new workout routines to do in the gym aside from general cardio that I can do on my own now. And I'm much more encouraged to continue a healthier lifestyle to have the confidence about my body that I want. Which is why I'm going to keep working out and making healthy eating choices for the next 2 months in hopes that it will transcend into my ongoing future habits.
Now to highlight my achievements...I wanted to share this look because it's a dress I bought over a year ago that I haven't been able to zip up until now. I kept going back and forth about giving it away or holding on to it just in case. I can't begin to share my excitement when that zipper went all the way up!

1. Yayoi Circle Bag by @lupa_bags 2. Sample Dress by C/MEO Collective (purchased at Wasteland) 3. Jacket found thrifting at Toluca Lake Discovery Shop 4. Shoes from Zara

1. NYX HD Studio Primer Base 2. NYX Total Control Drop Foundation (#10) 3. Glossier Boy Brow + Anastasia Perfect Brow Pencil (Medium Brown) 4. Stila Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner + MAC Eye Kohl (Teddy) 5. Colourpop Super Shock Shadow (Sequin) 6. Colourpop Ultra Satin Lip (Littlestitious) 7. Pixi Glow-y Powder (Rome-Rose) 8. Lashes from Ardell (Baby Demi Wispies--my go to!) 9. Kristin Ess Finishing Spray (to slick my baby hairs down)

Ok, but I get it...you didn't come here for all that. You want to know what the Fitness Challenge is, right? Well if I tell you, and you do it, please share your journey with me! Here it is :: Fitazfk (no really, that's what it's called!)
*Additional note :: Another tip for the 28 Day Fitness Challenge is that it helps to be a little obsessed with it in order to stay focused and thwart temptations. It's not easy by any means but it gets easier to stay on track the more you want to see results.

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  1. Genaviv

    I sometimes buy clothes a size smaller to try and motivate myself to lose weight lol but when that time comesss ! I hope I can strut and flaunt my flawless self in it just as well as you do because seriously … YASSS MAMIII ?? Werkkk that dresssss !!

  2. Jasjane

    Hey Amanda! Loved how you showed us how hard work gets your there (esp when cute dresses are involved!) and gave us the REAL run down on how this program works.

    As always, love the work that you do and think of you as one of the humble and positive artist out there!!!

    Summer is around the corner and finals are over! Hopefully I get to where I wanna be in 28days!

    More love to you and all you do! You and Megan are the ‘roommate’ goals!


  3. Megan


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