As most of you know, I've been focusing a majority of my efforts towards acting which has created a bit of distance between myself and dance. While I might not choreograph as much anymore, I do still enjoy a frolic here and there. LUCKY enough, a friend of mine by the name of O'NEILL HUDSON recently released a single that whisked me away to a place of daydreams and wishful thinking so I couldn't help but twirl around for a few 8 counts to create this here little number.
I've been wanting to mess around more with experiment how everyday clothes made me move/feel or how music affected what I'd want to wear and how I'd wear it. This is the first of that thought process expressed via video. The styling of this outfit fit both my mood and the movement this song brought out of me. Once again, lucky enough, I got this great jumpsuit from TOBI which I paired with this simple white T-shirt from O'Neill Hudson's merch line. The frolic, the frock, and the ballad complimented each other so well -- simple and honest with no frill and no fuss. This is a down to earth girl who is floating on cloud nine.
Thanks for watching! Here's some links to all the people+places that are involved in this video ::
Grab the single LUCKY by O'NEILL HUDSON and follow her on social media @oneillhudsonsings!
Find the ANISHA MIDI JUMPSUIT or shop more at TOBI.