It's officially birthday month for me! Thirty has been one of the most challenging years yet physically, mentally, and emotionally. Ever since I was a kid I was always a late bloomer--one of the last in my class to lose their first tooth, one of the last in my class to hit puberty, one of the last in my class to have their first kiss (fyi: didn't happen until I was 18.) So if that's any indication that I still have yet to hit my peak then I think I've still got quite the sprucing to do before things really start to blossom.

Enjoying the process.

Soaking it all in.

Looking forward to new possibilities.

31 going on 13.

This next year of my third decade of life I'm choosing to focus on the small victories. This is where my momentum exists and how I will be able to enjoy the process of the hustle. I am choosing to believe in the possibilities and because there are so many of them, I am choosing to be prepared every day for what or who might possibly come my way.
*Outfit details :: Melanie Floral Print Wrap Top from TOBI / BDG Girlfriend High Rise Jean (Light Wash) from URBAN OUTFITTERS / Cobalt Blue Tassel Earrings from VIRGO DOWNTOWN / Sunglasses from TARGET / Thong Sandals from TARGET / Hat is a thrifted findĀ 
Photos shot by Jerel Mascaranas